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Tesla Model 3


Adrenaline Luxury Rentals proudly presents the most anticipated car of all time! The Tesla Model 3 Long Range is a truly different driving experience. Autopilot makes for much more relaxing road trips and the acceleration is up there with $100k sports cars. 

Price: $95 per day with a 200 mile allowance

All cars have car wash subscription at Mister Car Wash.



  • Long Range Battery (315 miles)

  • 3.9 second 0-60 mph

  • Premium Connectivity (google satellite maps)

  • Spotify - 5-Star Overall NHTSA Rating!

  • Premium Sound System

  • Original Premium Interior Package

  • Premium Wheels

  • Glass Roof

  • LTE connectivity

  • 15 inch touchscreen

  • IPhone Charging Cord


First time driving a Model 3? Here is a series of videos from Tesla explain everything you need to know:


The Basics:


Keycard is used to open and start the car. (check the back of the keycard for visuals)


To open/lock the car, tap the keycard to the driver side support column, under the camera.

Door handles require you to push on the back part to make the front pop out (I usually push the back fatter part with my thumb and grab the front with the pinky side of my hand. It is like inverse surfer sign 🤙)


To start the car, tap the keycard behind the center cup holder. (the dashboard will display animated instructions)


Driving / Reversing / Parking:


Gear changing lever is on the right.


Down to drive, up to reverse and after stopping, press the lever button in to park.




When driving on the highway and the steering wheel icon is visible on the top left of the screen double click the right lever down and it will engage autopilot. You’ll know it’s in autopilot and not just cruise control because both the speed and steering wheel icons will be blue. If just the speed icon is blue you are not in autopilot.




Please return the car charged, alternatively: we charge $10 to charge the car 50%, $20 to charge fully. (Vehicles with less than 20% charge could incur an extra service fee).


Superchargers are the fastest and easiest way to charge. There are several chargers in SF. You can use the car dashboard map to find Tesla Superchargers located along your route they are marked as RED pins. You can also click the Lighting button on the map to get a view of charging stations nearby.


Some destinations have EV charging stations, those slower but still add significant range to the vehicle. They are marked as GREY charging pins.

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